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the Beach for 5th Gen 4Runners

the Beach for 5th Gen 4Runners

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The perfect blend of customize-it-yourself and whoa-I-could-never-build-that, designed specifically for Toyota 4Runners.  A sleeping platform, (2) 3/4" bamboo cutting boards/tables, aluminum storage drawer, and the highest quality baltic birch and aluminum skeleton mean this is not your average 2x4 and home depot plywood platform.

The unique CIY design means every Beach is a little bit different, and uniquely you.  Opportunities to finish to match your build for the Beach are:

  • Baltic birch can be stained, bedlined, carpeted, painted, or astro-turfed (please email a pic of your build to be added to the upcoming gallery of builds)
  • Bamboo can be finished in your food-safe material if you intend to cook on it, such as mineral oil for butcher blocks, or harder protection like polyurethane if you want stain resistance and toughness to act as a table
  • Aluminum drawer can be lined with a mat, filled with foam to pluck out shapes to hold your gear (available at Home Depot as "Kaizen Foam", or fill with fishing lure organizers.

Weights and dims added to the website shortly.

Ready to start manufacturing once we work out some material shortages (baltic birch and aluminum are nightmares right now), sign up to be notified once they are in stock, and watch our Instagram channel (or subscribe to the newsletter below) for updates.

Not yet tested in other 4R models, may or may not work, if you're in the Bend area email me to stop by and test fit!

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