LOCAL PICKUP is suspended until further notice. Bend's COVID cases are being traced primarily to tourist transmission so we respectfully ask you to postpone your trip until the pandemic settles down.

Start Your Reef

The new way to order Reef Drawers in 3 easy steps:


1) Go through the 4 pages of options, selecting what you want to start.

2) Order now but pay nothing yet

3) When we get to your place in line you'll receive an email with how to pay (and including shipping costs which are approx $45/Reef and $10-45 for all the other stuff)  You will have *7 calendar days to pay*. With 2 days left if we haven't heard from you we'll send a final reminder email. If we don't receive payment by day 7 we'll assume you no longer want your order, delete it, and move to the next person in line.