Seabed - Sleep With The Fishes
Seabed - Sleep With The Fishes
Seabed - Sleep With The Fishes

Seabed - Sleep With The Fishes

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Intended for vehicles looking to delete their 2nd row seats to gain storage space.  If you are looking to sleep with 2nd row seats in, we suggest you try with a mattress topper or good air mattress first as most vehicle seats when folded are close enough to Reef already and do not need a platform like Seabed.

These can be added to any Reef, at any time, just like all modules (though some disassembly of your Reef is required so we recommend holding off any line-x products until Seabed is installed).  

Each Seabed comes with (2) legs and (2) extrusions to attach to a Reef.   Tested with 250 lbs on a small Seabed with minimal deflection.  If you desire more support in the center you can purchase the optional Peg Leg and mount wherever you need.

Legs each require a 3/8" hole be drilled where it works with your setup.  Since panels can be used in a variety of different vehicles and folks have unique items they will want to store underneath this gives you the maximum flexibility in your build.

See photos for available dimensions and example configurations.

NOTE THESE ARE RIGHT AND LEFT SPECIFIC because of countersunk holes.  That said you can of course swap one right to left and just countersink the screws yourself - Reef is all about customizability.

All Seabeds are built to order (I do not have the space to stock these as well) and take 3-4 weeks.  Shipping is by weight so you save nothing by trying to bundle with other items - and these are heavy so we also offer a DIY Seabed Kit - all the hardware but you source your own plywood.

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