Reef2 Anchor Bars
Reef2 Anchor Bars

Reef2 Anchor Bars

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Your Reef2 ships with strong, custom ratchet straps, but if you want that little bit of extra usable space on the sides we offer Universal Anchor Bars (both 35" and 40" models).

Before ordering we recommend you dig around int eh back to find where you either have existing holes to use, or can safely drill your own (be sure to check where your gas tank is!!).   Installation is then pretty straightforward:

  1. Find mount points in your rig, such as old seat brackets, d-ring holes, child seat restraint holes, etc
  2. Buy bolts to match the threads you have (or reuse if long enough)
  3. Assemble the shell of your Reef, slide on the anchor bars, and set it all in the back where you want to mount
  4. Mark bolt hole locations and drill out
  5. Tighten and install everything in your rig for a rock-solid storage system

You can choose 1 or 2 anchor bars per drawer (two shown in photos), completely up to you and how off-camber you go, how heavy you load everything up, and of course how many holes you have to mount into.  If unsure, try one and you can always add another later.

Designed for Reef2, can work with the Original Reef if you also cut up your bottom anchor board where they need to attach.

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