Reef Drawer 35
Reef Drawer 35
Reef Drawer 35
Reef Drawer 35

Reef Drawer 35

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Buy one, buy two and stack'em or rack'em next to each other, buy all at once or add over time - you decide.  The Reef is first and foremost designed to be flexible, expandable, affordable, and customizable.

The ultimate CIY (Customize It Yourself) drawer system, formerly known as Keep It Simple Storage (KISS), and now in their 4th generation.  If you are unfamiliar with our drawers please go read all about them here.  

  • Reef overall dimensions 35" x 20" x 10.5"
    • This is the perfect length for 4Runners, Land Rovers, GXs, Sequoias, Explorers, and more.  Measure your cargo area to determine the best drawer length for your vehicle.
    • Please note that once you start assembling your drawer we can not accept a return, so you really, really should go measure before ordering.
  • Drawer internal dimensions 33" x 18" x 7.6"
  • Each Reef weighs just 39.6 lbs
  • UHMW slides (no rollerball clanky gummy things)
  • Unfinished baltic birch, ready for you to customize yourself 
  • Default drawer front uses cutout handles for minimal weight, cost, and fuss.  Add at any time:
    • Clamshell - locking paddle latches
    • Sandbar - integrated cutting board or table
    • Mayday - fastest possible access to your fire extinguisher or med kit
    • Treasure Map - custom print your photo or design
  • A safe installation REQUIRES cargo area D-rings to secure via the included custom strap for light duty. 
    • If you're wheelin' we recommend you use our custom ratchet straps at one set per drawer.
  • Made In The USA by a small business, with USA-sourced materials (except the baltic birch which is only available from Europe).  Certifiable100% China-free.

Multiple expansions and custom modules to give your Reef:


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