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Custom ratcheting anchor straps to secure your Reef in the most aggressive terrain
Reef Anchor Straps

Reef Anchor Straps

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A camlock strap is provided with each Reef, to ensure you always have a safe way to secure your drawer(s).  For the more adventurous driver, offroad cambers and bumpy trails will shift your load so we recommend beefing up the anchoring system.

These ratchet straps are custom made for us to offer an extremely short connection distance of just 9" - box store straps are typically much too long at 16-20" minimum length.  Plus, none offer the simplicity of a direct connection to the drawers. (andhow cool is that fin!?)

Includes two (one left one right fin, tho they work either side), and longer bolts to secure to your Reef.

Breaking strength 1000 lbs, MADE IN THE USA