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Reef Anchor Plates
Reef Anchor Plates

Reef Anchor Plates

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Anchor plates for the more adventurous driver - offroad cambers and bumpy trails will shift your load if you are using the default camlock strap, so we recommend beefing up the anchoring system..

Anchor plates are designed to work with existing vehicle brackets or bolt holes in the cargo area.   

They work with one drawer or side-by-side configurations, no different models or parts needed.

Customers usually order 1 per Reef (although you are free to grow your Reef however you wish)

Land Cruiser 80, 100, or 200 series

Pre-drilled for your 3rd row seat brackets based on our years of selling KISS Drawers.  Includes top plate, screws to mount to Reef, and vehicle-specific bolts & spacers.

All other vehicles: Use the Universal

Requires the customer to CIY2 (depending on vehicle, cut a hole in the carpet to get at a bolt hole, remove trim pieces on the floor, experiment with the right length of bolt, etc etc.  As customer feedback rolls in we'll build out a fitment guide for as many vehicles as we can.  For now, anyone can try the Universal.  Includes top plate, screws to mount to Reef - No bolts - you'll need to source your own to match your rig.

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