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Leave no trace
Even when you open your wallet

When you open that cattle gate to explore the beautiful BLM land before you, running through your mind is 'leave no trace, pick up garbage and leave it better than I found it', but what goes through your mind when you open your wallet to buy stuff?

Are you thinking about manufacturing wastes, the environmental impact of the materials used, whether you can repair it, and what happens when you're done with it?  

We are.

Short of not buying or building anything, we feel the best way to minimize the environmental impact of our overlanding products is to consider these 4 R's: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, & Recycle.


When we started building storage systems in 2016 with the famous KISS (Keep It Simple Storage) Drawers, the name said it all - we focused on only what was necessary.

When KISS were completely redesigned to be more universal and more modular I also applied all the customer feedback, the manufacturing lessons learned, and new ideas I'd had in order to reduce them further.

Now the Reef drawers are the epitome of a reduced design: you buy only what, and how much, you need.


Gouge the top throwing your hi-lift jack on top after a frustrating 2 hour mud recovery? No worries, simply fill it in (good read: https://ninostarter.com/best-wood-filler/), sand it down, and restain or repaint.

The Reef system uses only normal hand tools to assemble, which means only normal hand tools to take apart and modify or fix.

No welds, glues, one-use rivets or other specialized tooling here - truly repair-friendly.



A storage drawer is a storage drawer, so look around for where you might want to add some organization - your garage needs a place to store pneumatic tools, your backyard needs a place to store gardening equipment, or your kids need a place to store their legos. With Reef's unique modular design, you can reconfigure them to fit your new needs in a way no other product on the market can do.


The materials in the Reef are easy to work with, and there are always household projects that need plywood. For example, at left is a casting mold made from Reef pieces that my son used to make a Mother's Day gift.



I'm sometimes asked, can you recycle plywood? Absolutely yes. If you've reused all the pieces you can the remaining scraps can be recycled through about any waste collection center. They are shredded and used for biomass projects, sometimes OSB, and other creative solutions people constantly are coming up with.


The only metal structural components in Reef are aluminum, for a very good reason. Did you know that around 75% of all Aluminum made since 1886 is still in use? This is one reason we've used only aluminum in our metal structural components from design #1. And someday when your Reef drawer is no longer


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