We're Jon Snow.

Or Sergeant Schultz, if you remember back that far (like I do).

That is to say, we don't really know anything about you, and frankly don't need to. You're here probably from a referral or saw our products on the trail and have been counting the miles until you were back in cell coverage to come check us out.

We use Google Analytics only to understand where our customers come from, where we botched a link or forgot to transition a page from the old website. We never share that data.

We do not use Facebook Pixel.

We use no 3rd party trackers.

The only cookies in our drawers are ones you put in there.

All shopping data is maintained by Shopify (see their policies, we can't influence those), all local data is encrypted on the local machine, server, and backups, with some good firewall stuff I won't go into for obvious reasons.

Anything we can clarify? Please contact us.