Customize It Yourself (CIY)

The original KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) were designed to give you, the owner, a starting point for a highly personalized storage system. Why personalized? Because if you review hundreds of forum threads of personal drawer builds (which I did) you'll find hundreds of variations, approaches, and ideas. Everyone is a little different, everyone has creativity lurking or bursting from within, and in general, people that are out there overlanding and off-roading are self-sufficient, inventive folks who enjoy the challenges of building something yourself. 

KISS Drawers, and now the Reef, are for those without a garage, table saw, design or construction experience, or even good 'ol time to get their project started. We get you up and organizing in a short afternoon, you can then take months or even years to dial in the setup to be exactly what you need. Check out the Gallery for ideas and examples.

To develop a common understanding of what some of these modifications require, I'm declaring CIY, aka Customize It Yourself, officially a "New Thing", so here we go:

  •  CIY 0: buy, set in truck. Think ARB or TrekBoxx drawers.
  •  CIY 1: Reef, KISS Drawers, Ikea products. Assemble by following directions, need only common household tools such as screwdriver or hammer.
  •  CIY 2: Create basic design yourself or use really good directions from someone. Need basic fabrication tools such as table saw, rip saw, drill, sander, etc. Common supplies such as from local big box stores (Home Depot, Ace, etc)
  •  CIY 3: Create advanced design yourself. Need advanced fabrication tools and/or skills, such as router, chisels, machining. Very specific supplies, from specialist stores or online companies.

So there you go, a new way to organize your rig. Your way, but with a little help getting started ;)   Shop Now