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Dometic PLB40

Dometic PLB40

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The Dometic PLB40 has powerful, integrated Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells, providing an energy supply of 40Ah/512 Wh.

This is the battery our family uses and loves - plug it into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle, then plug your fridge into it.  While driving it charges and passes through power to your fridge.  When you turn off your rig it supplies power to your fridge.  No complicated 2nd battery wiring under the hood etc.!

The integrated DC-DC charger offers three convenient ways to charge via: the vehicle's 12 V DC socket, a solar panel or AC home power. The battery’s integrated Battery Management System protects the PLB40 from under-voltage, over-voltage, short circuiting and overheating for optimum charge time, performance and storage. With this power management system, the Dometic PLB40 has a cycle of life up to four times longer than more commonly used lithium ion batteries.

See the Dometic website for more information

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