Apologies but the store will remain closed until Sept 30 to focus on family: my oldest is starting college in a few weeks and these last days having her home are just too precious. As of October I'll need distractions though so expect some new Reef accessories and the overdue launch of The Beach. Now go give your kids an extra hug today...

The Reef will be EXPANDABLE

What do I mean by expandable??

I think anyone will LOVE drawers if they try them, but let's be honest, most drawer setups are expensive, running from $1,500 up to more than you may have paid for your entire rig.  That won't do.

So when I stared at my blank paper to begin designing the KISS Drawers mkIII the concept was a module that folks could purchase (1) of, and try it out. 

When they were ready, they could buy another, reuse the first one, and bingo: double drawers. Here's a rough animation of what I mean: