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Thank God It's 2020

2019 Sucked

The last half anyway, and frankly I'm glad to see 2020.  In hindsight I should've waited to even start the Reef system, but things kept crashing in that I couldn't have seen coming:

  • Bought a new house and moved
  • Started a new role at the day job, meaning 2x the work as I 'transitioned' the last several months
  • Lost a family member, with another on deck
  • Decided to design, develop, and launch a new modular drawer system in the midst of all that

With all of those wrapped up or drawing to a close, I'm really happy to break out of this rut and settle into a new, calmer groove in 2020, with less drama and stress...

And once I'm groovin again I'm looking to grow this thing beyond just me, so anyone interested in joining/helping drop me an email with your thoughts.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to my super talented daughter for the Land Shark kaiju which is going on our first t-shirt (eventually... ; )