Why is it all out of stock??? Well as you can read on our Contact page, this has always been a side gig for me. When I took a new day job a few months ago all spare time & energy evaporated, stranding LSO on a sandbar if you will. Until I can 1) hire a local to do everything, or 2) find a new captain to take over, I'm afraid sales are limited to customer support (email if you need something). If you or someone you know is interested in taking the helm click this banner to learn more.

Sharks with freakin' LASERS

To more rapidly develop wing kits for more vehicles, I've found a scanning genius that is helping me set up a workflow.  Progress has been, spotty.  (cause the laser scan is made up of lots and lots of spots)  In reality, this has not been as easy as I expected, but we are figuring it out because we love challenges!