Aut inveniam uncis aut faciam

I will either find a bracket or make one

(At least, I think that's what the latin mashup with one of my favorite sayings would be!)

Sometimes it's the little things that derail the whole train.  I've been bashing my head against #ReefDrawers to give them a safe means of securing in most any vehicle (because anything in your rig can become a projectile in an accident) but universality is really, really tough.  I've settle on a strap-based method, with optional upgrades if your vehicle has built-in brackets for 3rd row seats (like 80, 100, & 200 series Land Cruisers do).

BUT the straps need a simple, affordable way to secure to the drawer(s) and wouldn't you know it: there are simply NO anchor plates for 1" webbing, drilled for a 1/4" bolt, at a 30* angle, for sale ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD.  Well, not that I could find after countless hours fo seraching and emailing anyway.

SO, what does an entrepreneur do?  Make his own!  And if you're going to go through THAT much trouble, then I'll be damned if I'm not going to have some fun with it too ;)

Anchor plates for #ReefDrawers

This will be made by a local fab shop who has built for me before, out of 1/8" aluminum.  Might anodize red eventually, but for now I need to get these drawers shipping! 

I wanted to give you this example of just why it takes so long to design and build products.  Worth it, but dang time-consuming.

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