REMORA the REcovery MOunt for RAcks

The Essential Recovery Gear

For when you're done helping a friend recover from ice in -10 weather and you want to put your recovery boards away FAST.

For when you're done with your shovel and don't want to clean off 3 lbs of muck and mud before setting it on your luggage in the back.

For when you want to be ready for anything, at any time.

Design Goals

  • Holds your recovery boards, shovel, and axe
  • Adapts to fit MaxTrax, Tred, and other traction boards
  • Aircraft-grade 5052 Aluminum to be light and rustproof
  • Comes with (4) Quick Fists
  • Available in bare aluminum and anodized sharkskin grey


What's In the Box

Remora is designed for assembly by the user, in order for them to fit it to their specific recovery gear. Everything is included except for (2) screwdrivers, and about 20 minutes of time.

Have It Your Way

Assemble in one of three different widths (these will all be interior dimensions) 13.0", 13.5", 14.0", and three different heights, 4.0", 4.5", or 5.0". Choose 13x5. Choose 14x4. Use the smallest and tightest configuration to preserve roof space, or leave it bigger to allow for extra muddy or icey storage. Your choice.

Loves A Huge Range of Racks

Designed to clamp on OEM cross bars, Yakima, Thule, Rhino, Gamiviti, or even Supah-Best-Rack, up to 2" W x 1.5" H thick/round/square. The bottom sides are slotted to allow mounting to crossbars anywhere from 18" to 38" apart. Does it fit your vehicle? Grab a tape measure and find out! (but yeah, it probably does)

2 Ways To Secure

For day-to-day use the included bungee is trucker-rated, pro-grade, UV-resistant tough. I personally used this for the last 4,000 miles through Central Oregon, Moab, and the San Juans of Colorado, and trust it completely. BUT if you're feeling less trusting of the neighborhood you're in, included is a cable lock designed for California firearm security. (and if it's deemed good enough to avoid gun lawsuits in California, you know it's good enough for deterring punks eyeballing your recovery boards as skateboard jumps.)

Production is ramping up: bare aluminum ships in 2-3 weeks