KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage)

Keep It Simple Storage

From the very beginning the KISS Drawers were designed to be the perfect starting point for your custom rear storage system, and nothing more. Anyone looking for drawers will quickly discover there are as many opinions and options for your rear storage system as there are people looking. So we took the opposite approach of the big guys giving you everything (and charging you for it) and created the bare minimum you need to be organizing your camping and overland adventures, in just an afternoon of assembly.

Design Goals

  • Keep It Simple
  • Inexpensive
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Better slides
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Flat pack shipping
  • Simple to assemble
  • Ready to customize


What's In the Box

In the box is every slide, bracket, bolt, and board you need to assemble and install a set of unfinished storage drawers. What is excluded are the customizations such as wing hinges, fridge slides, carpet, paint, cutting boards, and bottle openers.

"Keep It Simple Stupid"

This old engineering saying is the bane of most projects, as features and components stack on top of one another until you're left with a monstrosity that tries to do everything. Simple is tougher to design, but leads to a ton of advantages.


Remove multiple drawers, remove fridge slides, remove stainless cupholders, remove carpet and finishes, remove anything extraneous to the mission of simply holding stuff. Build in batches and don't go custom. Do that and you're left with an efficient, inexpensive solution.


A 6105-T5 extruded aluminum skeleton wrapped in true 11 & 13 layer Baltic Birch plywood. Drawers are rated for 100 lbs of contents each, & 500 pounds on top. Proof-tested at 900 lbs (by transporting drawer parts from the CNC'er) without failure or (more importantly) squeaks.


We use the frame for both support and sliding, reduced material, used new slide technology to save 46lbs, and kept the weight for the enitre system down to only 104 lbs. With competing drawers weighting over 300 lbs your truck will thank you the next time you tackle the Rockies.

I don't mean to gush here, but what a helluva nice kit! The precision of the cuts and quality of the hardware are really impressive. To anybody else sitting on the fence, save your pennies and pull the trigger. 10/10, would do again.

@slceso / Jason


The entire system was modeled in 3D and designed by an experienced product development engineer. Aluminum supports are cut and the wood CNC'd to within 0.020" for a perfect fit.
(actual drawer cutting footage at left)

21st Century Slides

Drawers have been gumming up, slamming open or shut on hills, and rattling along on steel bearings and tracks for a long, long time - they were due to be upgraded - and KISS Drawers did it. Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) slides, precision molded to slide perfectly in the aluminum skeleton. They actually cost more than traditional slides, but save weight, slide deliberately instead of willfully, won't gum up or wear out, and are 100% rattle-free. BONUS: they are so narrow they give you an extra 720 cubic inches of storage space!

Easy DIY Assembly

With just a philips screwdriver and a small hammer you can assemble these drawers in 3-4 hours (excluing customization time for coatings to cure). Threadlocker Blue is recommended if you hit a lot of bouncy trails. It's a couple beer job on a sunny afternoon.

Flat Pack Shipping

Most drawer systems come fully assembled via pallet & semi-truck (hope you've got a commercial dock or a liftgate-friendly driveway!) at considerable expense. Not so KISS Drawers, they ship as a flat pack just like you'd find at Ikea, and arrive via normal FedEx Ground service right to your door.

Ready To Customize

The KISS Drawers are designed to be the starting point for your custom drawers. Add hinges to make the wings flip up. Add locking handles. Add a fridge slide. Finish them in bedliner, carpet, stain, or fabric - see our Gallery for inspiration, or the Customizations section for a list of pics & links to choose from.

100 Series

1998-2007 Land Cruiser
1998-2007 Lexus LX 470

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1990-1997 Land Cruiser
1990-1997 Lexus 450

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2006-2014 FJ Cruiser

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