A KISS Drawer for any vehicle

A single drawer for those who want to keep one of their 3rd row seats, or want organiational bliss in a vehicle we haven't yet designed a custom solution for.


  • Outside Dimensions: 22" x 42" x 10.5"
  • Inside Drawer: 40" x 18.5" x 8"
  • Drawer Volume: 3000 cubic inches (49 l)
  • Weight (empty): 59 lbs
  • Drawer contents max: 85 lbs
  • Top load max: 250 lbs
  • Optional wings for 100/80 series



This is definitely a DIY step folks, as it is simply not a good idea to have a large box of stuff (whether Rubbermaid, Zarges, or any drawers) loose in the event of an accident. No hardware is provided, but I do email a list of suggested turn-buckles, bolts, and u-bolts, as well as a template for drilling holes and anchoring into 100 or 80 series Land Cruisers (since we have those nailed). Over time we may take customer measurements and installation details and share those, but for the moment all installations need to be designed by the customer.


Wing kits for driver or passenger side on 100 and 80 series Land Cruisers are available at time of order for $40. Wing orders later add $40 shipping & handling. Put in your order comments which wing you'd like (if any) or email me.

All drawers are built to order, and ship 4-6 weeks after order.