KISS Drawers for 100 Series Land Cruisers

The 100 series was the inspiration for the very first KISS Drawer set, and remains our best-seller.


  • Inside Drawers: 40" x 18.5" x 8"
  • Drawer Volume: 5,920 cubic inches each
  • Top: 59"W x 42"D
  • Height: 10.5"
  • Anchors: U-bolts into factory 3rd row seat brackets
  • Options: Cutouts, Blanks, With Rear AC, No Rear AC



Ready for you to use, simple pull handles


You source and install your own handles. Useful for folks looking to install locking handles, or with a specific look in mind.

With Rear A/C

The 100 series shipped with and without Rear A/C. This required the compressor to be installed in the right rear of the back compartment, which took a bit of space.

With No Rear A/C

Maximum rear storage because no rear A/C compressor

All drawers are built to order, and ship 4-6 weeks after order.