Chum Buckets No More Ziplock Baggies

Using baggies to hold your bolts?

Socks to store your sockets?

Shopping bags for shackles?

Whether you bought drawers for $400 or $4000, without good bags to organize and store your gear it's only a matter of time before entropy wins and they look like the junk drawer in your kitchen.

Don't go there.
Let's go to organizational nirvana.

All Chum Buckets offer:

  • Tough, water repellent canvas
  • Beefy zippers & SuperShinyPulls®
  • Available in Khaki, Sharkskin, or Black
  • Contrasting white grab handles
  • Made in the USA

Chum Dog

Got a long tool?

Perfect for tire irons, jack handles, etc

18" x 3" x 3"

3 liter volume

Chum Fries

The Overlander Hold-all

Emergency supplies, survival gear, or salamanders*

Fits a 19mm wrench (12" x 7" x 3")

4 liter volume

* airholes required

Chum Chili Dog

Superior Tool Organization

(2) 3-sided velcro dividers keep your tools and sockets organized

18" x 3" x 3" (same as Chum Dog)

3 liter volume


The Little Guy With Attitude

Bolts, batteries, electrical connectors, you name it. This little guy has a thousand uses.

Fits a 12mm wrench (6"L x 2"W x 2"H)

3 liter volume

The Chum Bucket

The Bag That Started It All

Perfectly sized to sit side-by-side in KISS Drawers

Vinyl window for labeling contents

9"L x 6"W x 8"H

7 liters

Some bags in stock, some ship in 2-4 weeks

Bespoke Bags

Made to your specifications, for your stove, pots, or any gear you want to organize and protect

Hand made in Bend, Oregon

Khaki & Sharkskin Grey canvas in stock. Other colors available with minimum order

Lead times 4-6 weeks

Minimum order $50

Contact us to discuss your project