My Reef Setup (before I tore it apart for testing the fridge slide module)

A real fast overview

With the Reef storage system designed to be modular and changeable over time, it's fun to see where you start out. Here's what my set looks like today, April 2, 2020.

Shown: Reef x2, Wing Kit for Land Cruiser 100 Series, dividers (testing, not yet named), Sandbar (cutting board), and Emergency Front. Not shown, Anchor Plates for 100 Series.


I don't mean to gush here, but what a helluva nice kit! The precision of the cuts and quality of the hardware are really impressive. To anybody else sitting on the fence, save your pennies and pull the trigger.

10/10, would do again.

@slceso / Jason

Great design and allowed even a person with limited shop skills to assemble a great drawer that allows me to keep a full size dog kennel in the back with locking storage on the other side.

Customize to your liking!

William / roaming the Rockies

Fantastic kit! So well thought out and put together. Finished mine in a weathered greenish-gray stain and polyurethane with heavy-duty locking pulls. Still looking at options for carpet/non-stick for top.

Super happy with the purchase.

Steve / Georgia

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